Art supplies - what you will need for this class

In this lecture, you will find a list of art supplies I used for this painting. Please do not worry about matching colors, what is more, important are light and shadows, to create a nice balance in your painting.

General notes.

  • When looking at my color list, please ignore "Neutral tint" as I ended up not using this color at all. The darks are a blend of vandyke brown and indigo, sometimes with an addition of quinacridone red.
  • The soft shades of peach-like color are a blend of quinacridone red and yellow ochre. If you don't have yellow ochre, you can use raw sienna, for example.
  • The mane (horse's hair) was painted 'wet on wet, this is when you want to 'wet the background too, so the colors slightly bleed towards the background.
  • The colors I used for the mane are yellow ochre,, cobalt blue with a combination of
  • Whenever I say "blue-violet", I mean a soft blend of cobalt blue with
  • I purposely do not mix the colors 'all the way' on my palette, instead, I mix the colors on the paper, and I want to see the separation of colors.
  • When applying the colors towards the mane, please pay attention to the ratio between water and paint, you want to use more concentrated paint, so the paint doesn't spread as much.

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