Old barn door

In this class, I will be teaching you how to work with light and shadows to create a realistic painting. You will be painting the shadows 'wet on wet and 'wet on dry.

I will be also teaching you how to blend the colors on the paper, vs on your palette. I will be talking about the color wheel, in a non intimidating way, as with creating natural shadows, you want to work with complementary colors. 

And because this course is so broken down into sections, and there's a lot of 'wet on dry painting, such as the initial layer for the walls, then bricks, and finally the door, this class is suitable for students at all levels, including the beginners.

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Brick wall

This is just an example of how I painted the bricks. In this class, we will be using very similar techniques.


Shutters can be really fun to paint. My approach is to focus on painting the first layer wet on wet. Everything, but the shadowed parts with hard edges. Then once you begin adding the main cast shadows, the entire painting comes to life.

The window with shutters

A full tutorial with voiceover is already available at www.patreon.com/mariamorjane

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Hi, and welcome to my online school!

My name is Maria, and I am a professional watercolor teacher. I have taught thousands of students all over the world how to paint with watercolors. My specialties are painting 'wet on wet and lifting colors.

I have a true passion for painting with watercolors, and I'm a dedicated teacher. What makes my teaching different is that I explain in detail my brush strokes and ratios between water and paint. I describe how to wet the paper, and when to apply the colors or when to begin lifting.

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