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Soft fur

Whether you are a beginner or advanced in watercolors, it's very important to master a technique called 'wet on wet'.

Once you start feeling comfortable with applying paint towards the wet paper - you will feel like there's nothing that you can't paint.

What comes to painting cats, or other furry animals - is making a plan, thinking through of all the steps ahead of wetting the paper.

It's important to visualize where you are going to apply the colors. This is when light and shadows become the most important. I will be teaching you how to plan this ahead, so you feel comfortable with wetting the object, and to think of all the areas where (and why) you are going to apply certain colors, starting with undertones, the lightest colors first.

Before you begin this class, you will practice along - an exercise video, how to paint soft fur, lift colors and add more singled out hair.

Wet on wet

The first step when painting a soft fur is starting with the right technique. When painting 'wet on wet you will be able to achieve softer strokes on the inside, but also 'softer outlines' of the cat.

If you don't wet the background as well, and you paint it 'wet on dry' - you will have hard edges.


The next step is figuring out the right timing to lift colors. This is where I can help.

Keeping it simple

Ideally, you want to paint the fur with one layer, but sometimes we run out of time - the paper is drying too fast, and so that's when we need to re-wet the area to add more color.

The most important - you want to create most of the fur-strokes 'wet on wet.

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Hi, I’m your watercolor teacher!

After starting two online schools (first on Patreon and later on Teachable), I wanted to create a membership-based school with more detailed classes. Something similar to what I'm offering on Teachable but a lot more affordable and with a broader choice of subjects.

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